Long-Term Care

Making Long-Term Care Feel Like Home

For any of us, significant change in our lives can be difficult. A new job, moving to a new state, grown children leaving the nest and other changes to our daily experience can move us out of our comfort zone and cause us to feel a bit off balance, less confident and sometimes apprehensive.

Tips for Building Relationships with Staff to Assure the Best in Long-Term Care

Relationships Matter for Providing the Best Long-Term Care

Human nature being what it is, good relationships in life tend to make things go more smoothly and successfully. This principle seems to apply equally well whether we’re talking about families, careers or schools. Comprised of equal parts communication, trust, confidence and comfort levels, good relationships just seem to make life easier and better.

Connecting with Staff Members Can Promote Better Care

Good relationships are also important for providing the best long-term care for your loved one.

Tips on What to Look for in Long-Term Care for Your Loved One

What to Look for in Long-Term Care for Your Loved One

As our parents and other loved ones age, there may come a time when they are no longer able to take care of themselves. Their physical health and personal safety becomes increasingly at risk, and they require individual care and support on a regular and ongoing basis. This may include such things as bathing, medication management, meal preparation and general health supervision.

For many older adults today, Long-Term Care communities – also called Traditional Nursing Care and Skilled Nursing Care centers – provide an ideal solution.


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