The Dining Experience at Saunders House

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Good food is one of life’s great pleasures.

According to the National Council on Aging, nutritional needs for seniors change over time. This means that dining options in senior living must be flexible enough to change with them. By coming to a deeper understanding of seniors’ needs, communities everywhere are serving healthier meals that appeal to the senior palate.   

“We take great pride in our dining program,” says Janet McNemar, NHA, MBA, Executive Director at Saunders House. “We’re proud to offer healthy options and diets for our residents. I choose meals for myself each day from our amazing menu, which meets the dietary needs of the diverse population here at Saunders House.”

This article will provide a brief overview of trends in culinary programs, meal planning and the senior living dining experience – from nutritious meals to the involvement of registered dietitians. Read to learn more about the bounty that Saunders House offers.

Senior Living Dining Trends

More than ever, senior living trends are based on science. It means understanding what residents enjoy and what their bodies need to age successfully. It means learning more about what residents like, what their bodies need and how to plan meals for all care types.  

A growing sector of senior living provides appropriate dining options for all care types, often featuring menus with options that chefs prepare according to a nutrition plan. This often involves a choice of fresh fruits or vegetables. Foods like these provide antioxidants, vitamins and the good-for-you kind of sweets. The sense of variety also helps to engage residents who may be looking for exciting new flavors.

Yet another senior living dining trend is turning meals into times of laughter by combining them with games. These can be useful in many assisted living and memory care communities.

What Makes Our Dining Special?

At Saunders House, we strive to offer all those services and more.

“Our menus are created based on resident input and preferences, with foods of a special consistency prepared skillfully by our team,” says Letha Beason, Director of Dining Services. “It's important to residents and families that meals are both delicious and nutritious.”  

In addition to our other services and amenities, we set the standard for senior dining. That’s why our registered dietitian works closely with residents to craft a nutrition plan that meets their individual dietary needs.

Each meal is carefully selected for its health benefits by the dietitian, staff and resident suggestions. This resident input is a source of self-empowerment, helping older adults take a more active role in their daily experience.  

Our chefs prepare menu items of a wide and delicious variety. Meals are then served in either our appointed dining room, where servers assist residents with daily menu choices in their rooms, as appropriate. Saunders House also features a unique dining room in our dementia unit.

Saunders House: Upholding A Healthy Tradition of Care and Wellness

At Saunders House, we provide excellent dining programs for those needing short-term rehabilitation, memory care, respite care, traditional nursing care or restorative care at our community. Come visit us in Wynnewood and see everything we offer. Contact our Admissions Office today!

We encourage you to call us with any general questions you might have and to stay current on a variety of senior health and caregiver topics by viewing the latest articles on our website.

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