5 Ways Our Senior Living Services Enhance an Aging Adult's Lifestyle

5 Ways Our Senior Living Services Enhance an Aging Adult's Lifestyle

Today, requiring care in a senior living community no longer means giving up a full and enriching lifestyle for older Americans. In fact, forward-thinking senior living communities now place a major emphasis on ensuring that their residents have an active, purposeful lifestyle that enhances their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Says Stacey Houseknecht, NHA, CTRS, ADC, Administrator at Saunders House in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, “Here at Saunders House , we are focused on your older loved one’s overall quality of life and lifestyle – not just their physical care. Along with high-quality nursing care, we strongly believe that an active and engaged lifestyle is critically important a to seniors’ state of mind, overall sense of purpose and continued enjoyment of life. 

“The value of an enriching lifestyle on a senior’s health and well-being is supported by gerontologists and experts in the psychology of aging who emphasize that having enjoyable activities to look forward to is an important reason to get up every morning. A fulfilling lifestyle that enables seniors to look forward to each new day helps them remain healthier and more engaged in life.”

Lifestyle-Enriching Programs Enhance Our Residents’ Quality of Life

At Saunders House, we believe it is vital for our residents to enjoy a fully engaged lifestyle surrounded by friends and family. Here, you’ll always find something to do as well as someone to share the experience with.

The lifestyle programs at Saunders House have been designed to stimulate and enrich the lives of our residents each day. These wide-ranging lifestyle offerings engage, enrich, entertain and include the following services:

1. Engaging Programs and Activities – Saunders House offers an extensive array of lifestyle-enriching programs and activities for our residents’ enjoyment. These engaging lifestyle services, which are offered at various times throughout the day and evening, are tailored to the needs and preferences of each resident. Upon admission, our new residents meet with a member of our recreation staff to identify activities that are best suited to their personal interests, abilities and preferences. 

A sampling of some of the lifestyle-enhancing programs available at Saunders House includes:

  • Arts and crafts programs
  • Music – singing, special performances, percussion group
  • Community outings – field trips, tours, ice cream outings, visits to cultural sites
  • Pet therapy
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Discussion groups
  • Cooking classes
  • Lectures
  • Adapted bowling and other sports
  • Volunteer opportunities 

2. Pleasing Amenities – To support the variety of engaging, enriching and entertaining lifestyle programs we offer, Saunders House provides:

  • Recreation areas
  • Lounges
  • An outdoor patio

These are welcoming, inviting places where our residents can gather to participate in activities, enjoy one another’s company and be a part of our senior living community. We also offer several private areas where our residents can entertain visitors.

3. Exceptional Dining – Good food that is tasty and nutritious is an important part of the daily lifestyle at Saunders House. With a reputation for fine cuisine and attention to service, Saunders House offers an outstanding dining experience.

Meals are served in a beautifully appointed dining room where our trained servers take time to assist residents with daily menu choices. Because we know that enjoying delicious food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a dietitian meets individually with each resident to customize a nutritional plan, focusing on personal tastes and needs. 

4. Intergenerational Programs -- Saunders House welcomes area students of all ages into our senior living community as part of our vibrant intergenerational program. Older adults benefit in a variety of enjoyable ways from the unique opportunity to interact with local students, including making new friends, sharing their life experiences and wisdom, and learning new things.

5. Religious Services – Spirituality is another aspect of lifestyle enrichment that is respected at Saunders House. Here, residents of have the opportunity to attend religious services in-house, representing a variety of faiths. Many religious holidays are observed and celebrated at our community. All are welcome to participate. 

Stacey adds, “While our residents have chosen Saunders House for our exceptional care, we believe they deserve so much more. Our firm belief is that total wellness can only be realized when a person is fulfilled in mind, body and spirit.

“Therefore, we offer more than the physical care that’s needed; we provide lifestyle-enhancing programs, amenities and activities that truly fulfill and enrich each individual. From beautiful surroundings and delicious dining to engaging programs and fun activities, we do all we can to help our residents lead an active and meaningful lifestyle.” 

We welcome any questions you have about respite care services and invite you to take a tour of our community and meet our wonderful caregivers. We also invite you to stay current on other senior health and senior care topics by viewing the latest articles on our website. 

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