It’s Okay To Need a Break from Caregiving Duties

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Family caregivers offer loved ones a helping hand whenever support is needed. They spend their days selflessly serving, all while asking for nothing in return. However, if they begin to deal with caregiver burnout, it may be time to care for themselves.

A study by the CDC indicates that caregivers have an increased risk for multiple chronic diseases as they may neglect their own health while caring for others. A 2018 study by Genworth states that 53% of caregivers report experiencing high levels of stress, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

“Caregivers tend to easily feel guilty or anxious about taking time for themselves because it doesn’t seem like it’s something they ‘should’ do,” says Janet McNemar, NHA, MBA, Executive Director of Saunders House, located in Wynnewood, PA. “It is okay to need a break from caregiving duties. In fact, it’s absolutely essential to one’s health and well-being.”

Get Inspired To Take a Break!

Have you ever noticed that taking some time to yourself can help you feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on a new day – no matter what comes your way? That’s the magic of caring for yourself while caring for others. Try these self-care tips to help you feel recharged.

  • Ask family to visit your loved one’s home and care for them for a set amount of time.
  • Spend time doing what you enjoy.
  • Look into additional opportunities for care.
  • Explore ways to relax, like meditation or exercise.

Saunders House Is Here To Help.

Taking a break isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and that often, it comes with obstacles like guilt, fear your loved one won’t receive the same care you’d provide and more. We’re here to help you break down those barriers to give you peace of mind, much-needed rest and an enriching, engaging opportunity for your loved one to receive the care they need.

Understand That You May Feel Guilty
Guilt is common for many caregivers, but this shouldn’t stop you from getting the support or time away you need. Being able to take regular breaks – or even a well-earned vacation – is the best way to maintain health and well-being.

Try To Plan for the Future Before You Need To
Being prepared is the key to ensuring the right care and support for your loved one. “It’s best to have a reliable caregiving source that you can count on to be there when you need it,” says Janet. “Look into services offered at local senior living communities – such as the respite care and traditional nursing care options offered at Saunders House. This can bring you the peace of mind of having a plan in place should you need it.”

Consider Learning More About Respite Care
A part of planning is ensuring your loved one has access to the best support. Saunders House has a long-standing tradition of delivering quality senior care. Offering respite stays as well as long-term care, we have the resources you need to help you determine which services best suit your loved one’s needs.

Are you considering whether home or respite care is best? Discover what you need to know.

  • What is a respite stay? A respite stay at a senior living community like Saunders House provides short-term care for your loved one so you can take time off with confidence and peace of mind. With a respite stay, your loved one is in reliable hands, giving you time to rest, rejuvenate and take care of yourself.

    Respite stays at Saunders House range from five to 30 days in length. COVID-19 protocols are in place to ensure everyone’s safety. A respite stay also enables you and your family member to experience Saunders House so that if you need to find a community in the future, you are both already comfortable.

  • What do respite stays offer? Respite stays at Saunders House offer seniors personalized care and support in a safe setting with a change in routine. A brief stay provides the opportunity to socialize with peers with access to programming and activities tailored to the interests and abilities of seniors.
  • How can they make a difference for me and my loved one? While having just a few hours to yourself may not seem worth the trouble, it’s been proven that even small doses of respite care can help caregivers greatly, including reducing the burden that caregivers carry.

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