What Services Are Included in Short-Term Stays and Respite Care?

Physical therapist working with a senior man rehabilitating his knee

At Saunders House, we provide short-term rehabilitation and respite care for some older adults, but in fact, it’s estimated that 56% of seniors will need a senior living short-term stay at some point in their lives.

As a provider of skilled nursing care for over 150 years, Saunders House knows how important it is to make your loved one feel at home. Keep reading to learn about the services that are included in nursing home short-term rehabilitation stays, including information about respite care and the benefits to families and caregivers.

What Services Are Included in Short-Term Rehabilitation?

At Saunders House, we help support successful recuperation and ensure safe returns to home through RenewAll Short-Term & Medically Complex Care.

Among the conditions and needs treated through RenewAll's medical and physical rehabilitation are:

  • Joint replacement

  • Cardiopulmonary disease

  • Stroke

  • Post-surgical recovery

  • Reconditioning post-illness or injury

In addition to restorative care, we offer mobility and strength maintenance to keep residents active, mobile and strong. Exercise routines are individualized by nursing assistants who are trained in this program to complement physical and occupational therapies.

Transfer training and range of motion/strengthening exercises are included in the restorative process.

To ensure the best results for our residents, we have a licensed nurse overseeing this program. She works closely with the Director of Rehabilitation to ensure that our residents achieve maximum results.

What Is Respite Care?

Caregiving for a loved one at home can be very difficult. Whether you are on vacation, on a business trip, or simply need a break, Saunders House understands that sometimes you will not be available to deliver that care. To help meet this need, we offer respite care.

Caregivers and families who are caring for a loved one receive respite care as part of memory care and skilled nursing services. We provide the same personalized, attentive care at our nursing facility as we do in the RenewAll program.

Our settings offer secure spaces as well as specialized programming and care for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Keeping loved ones in compassionate, capable hands allows families and caregivers to feel confident.

What Are the Benefits of Respite Care?

There are many benefits to finding the right respite care service for your loved one. 

Our safe, nurturing environment allows caregivers to rest and enjoy some downtime while loved ones benefit from our care and support. In the future, you can continue providing your loved one with the best care by giving yourself the time to recharge.

Saunders House: Upholding A Healthy Tradition of Care and Wellness

At Saunders House, we provide care for those needing short-term rehabilitation, memory care, respite care, traditional nursing care or restorative care at our community. Contact our Admissions Office today and learn more about everything we have to offer!

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