Choosing Between Short-Term Rehabilitation and In-Home Care

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The decision to recover at home or in a short-term rehab facility is often made during the discharge planning process at the hospital after an illness, injury or surgery; and with input from members of the hospital’s case management and/or social services team.

As a senior who might need a period of recovery sometime in the future, you should understand the benefits of short-term rehab over in-home care.

While it might be tempting to choose to recover in your own home with the help of a family member or professional caregiver, the truth is that skilled nursing centers are far better equipped to deal with a patient’s unique care requirements.

Keep reading to learn more about how to decide between short-term rehab versus in-home care if you have an upcoming surgery or procedure. We’ll also cover the differences and services included in the two.

What Is Short-Term Rehab?

Short-term rehab is focused on helping patients recover from a surgery, illness or accident through around-the-clock medical care and services. Inpatient rehab facilitates the patient's smooth transition home and can help them return to their regular level of activity following a hospital stay.

Individuals recovering from a stroke, joint replacement surgery or a fall often find a supportive short-term stay to be an important element of their recovery. Patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis (MS) may also find such stays helpful.

An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, dieticians, social workers and others provides a wide range of medical care and services. In the event of an emergency, another benefit of recovery at a short-term rehab facility is that the nursing team is available 24/7.

Physical, occupational and speech therapies, designed to help patients return to their prior level of function, are delivered in a comfortable setting and provide a greater number of therapy sessions than would likely be received at home. After discharge, patients can return home stronger with improved coordination, balance, circulation and stamina.

Short-term rehab also offers a fully equipped therapy gym for targeted training, yet another benefit you won’t get with in-home care. At Saunders House, patients also have access to an array of services and amenities, including personalized dining options, recreation areas, lounges, an outdoor patio, and a number of life-enrichment programs.

What Is In-Home Care?

In contrast with short-term rehab, in-home care means that your family home becomes the setting for your care and recovery.

True, choosing in-home care for your recovery isn’t without its perks, such as healing in your own space. But for each advantage, your personal home environment will also pose a new challenge.

Unfortunately, a patient's expectations of recovering at home are often very different from reality, regardless of whether family support or professional assistance is available. It can be risky to rehabilitate at home without access to 24-hour care, especially when you consider the services and specialists patients may also require.

At-home recovery may not be feasible for the physically challenged, such as those who cannot climb steps. It’s possible to modify a home with ramps and stairlifts, but they can be expensive. Add to this the additional costs of a possible professional caregiver to help your loved one with medically sensitive issues, and the costs can become prohibitive. Not to mention the challenge of coordinating and scheduling in-home care professionals.

Short-Term Rehabilitation at Saunders House

At Saunders House, we offer RenewAll Short-Term Rehabilitation & Medically Complex Care, a program that has been developed specifically to support successful recoveries and allow for safe returns home.

The goal of RenewAll is to ensure that residents are able to transition smoothly and safely to their homes. We deliver care through an interdisciplinary, team-based model – one that enhances the quality and outcomes of our patients; recovery experience. Our care team builds personalized and comprehensive care plans to meet the individualized needs of each person.

Our dedicated team includes:

  • Medical director specializing in geriatrics
  • Fully certified physician specializing in physical and medical rehabilitation
  • Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Therapeutic recreation specialists
  • Dietary and nutrition specialists
  • Discharge planners and social workers

A short-term rehab stay at a skilled nursing center like Saunders House can help maintain your or your loved one’s quality of life without the challenge of finding a home caregiver. Professional care teams make for a stronger, faster recovery, one that helps patients return home safely and happily.

Saunders House: Upholding A Healthy Tradition of Care and Wellness

At Saunders House, we provide care for those in need ofshort-term rehabilitation, memory care, respite care, traditional nursing care or restorative care. Come visit us and see how the services we offer can benefit your family. For more information, contact our Admissions Office today!


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