Celebration of Centenarians at Longevity Party at Saunders House

On Wednesday, May 29 at 2:30pm at Saunders House, six centenarians will be honored by the staff and management of Saunders House, the families of residents, and by the Township of Lower Merion.

Liz Rogan, President of the Township Board of Commissioners, will present citations of recognition to the following centenarians:

  • Sara Allan, age 102
  • Edna Parker, 101
  • Raymond Bowman, 104
  • Mary Wesley, 104
  • Adrienne Love, 104
  • Helen Mullen, in her 100th year (age 99) 

Join us on May 29 as we honor these centenarians.  We also have a number of  90+ year-olds who will be present as well.  These are fascinating people with interesting pasts!

One worked for Strawbridge and Clothier and sang in the store choir for over ten years (Mary Wesley).

One was the Steward of Pine Valley Golf Club for many years. Turning 105 this September, he is our oldest resident (Raymond Bowman). 

One was involved in the production end of the motion picture business and was a true New Yorker (Helen Mullen). 

One has a maiden name of “Young” and when she married, she said “I’ll never be ‘young’ again (Edna Parker)

One is a southerner who loves bingo (Adrienne Love)

One is a great reader of classics; her son is a doctor (Sara Allan)

Come meet them at Saunders House !  Saunders House itself is in its 150th year of existence.  Founded in Philadelphia in 1864, Saunders House is “Celebrating 150 Years of Aging With Grace.”  All Saunders House celebrations being held this year will focus on this very special anniversary, which will culminate next April in 2014.

Edna Parker, 101

101-year-old resident of Saunders House, Edna Parker, speaks with Sue Irrgang, Executive Director.

Ray Bowman, 104

104-year-old resident of Saunders House, Raymond Bowman, with his daughter Alice Bowman-Cropper and Lower Merion Township Board of Commissioners President Liz Rogan of Wynnewood.  Bowman is the oldest resident of Saunders House.  He will turn 105 in September.  For 30+ years, Mr. Bowman worked as the Steward of Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey.

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