It’s Okay To Need a Break from Caregiving Duties

Senior woman drinking tea with her caregiver

Family caregivers offer loved ones a helping hand whenever support is needed. They spend their days selflessly serving, all while asking for nothing in return. However, if they begin to deal with caregiver burnout, it may be time to care for themselves.

Why Short-Term Rehabilitation Is the Right Choice for Seniors

After a surgery, illness or accident, many seniors need additional time to recover and regain their strength and abilities. Since hospitals are set up to handle the immediate issue, patients are discharged and have to turn to other services in order to get back on their feet. Seniors can choose from a variety of different options, but short-term rehabilitation is generally considered to be the right choice for many reasons.

Having the Conversation: Long-Term Care for Aging Parents

One of the biggest worries adult children have is the safety of their parents as they age. We often think of this as an either-or situation – either Mom and Dad need help and need to move into long-term care, or they don’t. The truth is the need for long-term care can happen quickly. Challenges presented by advancing age, a prolonged illness or chronic condition can go from manageable at home to needing professional, long-term support now.

How To Improve Hydration and Reduce Heat Exhaustion in Seniors

Dehydration is a serious issue for seniors. It’s a common cause of hospitalization, particularly in the summer, and it can cause a variety of serious health issues. Staying hydrated is also essential for certain medications to work properly. However, because of the changes in the body as we age, seniors aren’t able to retain water as easily as younger people – plus, their body may not send them signs that they’re becoming dehydrated until it’s too late. 

How Does Speech Therapy Benefit Seniors?


Speech therapy is usually associated with helping children or young adults to improve communication and resolve speech difficulties. However, there are many great benefits for seniors, as well.