Technology and Post-Acute Care

Technology and Post-Acute Care

Sometimes after staying in a hospital, older adults still require some kind of skilled care. They don’t need to be in the hospital, but they’re not quite ready to return home without additional time and support. 

Technology incorporated with post-acute care offers a lot of opportunities for improvement of care quality. It’s more organized, accurate and reliable. Helping older adults and caregivers alike, technological advancements in Post-Acute Care are enhancing the care process and the quality of outcomes. 

Saunders House Renovations Complete Enhancing the Community and Residents' Lives

WYNNEWOOD, PA:  A $3.5 million project featuring renovations and additions to Saunders House are complete, enhancing both the physical appearance and function of the community, but more importantly, elevating the quality of life enjoyed by residents.

The entranceway has been renovated to include a new, two-story porte-cochere, enriching the beauty of the building’s exterior, but also providing residents and guests with shelter from the elements. New electric doors have been installed. The front of the building is currently being landscaped. 

Respite Care Transition to Senior Living

Respite Care

Respite care is for when a caregiver needs someone else to take care of his or her loved one for a short time. This break provides caregivers with some downtime to relax and recharge. Their loved one also gets a fresh change of pace in a new, welcoming environment. During a respite stay, seniors have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of a senior living community and participate in daily activities with current residents.