Recovery After Stroke: Regaining the Gift of Speech

Stroke Recovery: Speech Therapy

According to the American Stroke Association®, someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. After a stroke, it is very common to have communication problems.

5 Ways to Cope with Delusions and Paranoia in Memory Care

“At-home caregivers of those living with memory loss face multiple challenges, which typically increase as the disease progresses,” says Susan Irrgang, Executive Director of Saunders House located in Wynnewood, PA. “Among the most difficult are psychological symptoms such as delusions and paranoia that often appear during the middle and later stages of memory loss. 

A Welcome Vacation for Caregivers: 7 Ways Respite Care Revitalizes

“Today, at-home caregivers for aging loved ones are faced with a variety of physical and emotional challenges,” says Susan Irrgang, RN, LNHA, Executive Director of Saunders House, located in Wynnewood, PA. Attempting to balance the responsibilities of home, family, work and personal activities with caregiving can be a huge burden on anyone.”