The Many Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Senior doing physical therapy exercises

According to The American Physical Therapy Association(APTA), the goal of physical therapy (PT) for seniors is to make daily tasks and activities easier, while enabling them to function as independently as possible.

Physical therapists are fully licensed practitioners who assist senior adults in achieving their health and fitness goals. Physical therapists help to reduce pain, restore functionality and improve mobility for better living –issues that many seniors deal with today.

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5 Major Benefits of Walking: The Perfect Exercise for Seniors

5 Major Benefits of Walking: The Perfect Exercise for Seniors

“Today, gerontologists and other senior health experts agree that walking might just be the perfect exercise for older adults,” says Frank Frustillo, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Saunders House, located in Wynnewood, PA.

Unlike many other forms of exercise that entail buying special equipment or making regular trips to the health club or gym, walking can be done anywhere, at any time – at your convenience and with little or no expense. And all you need to get started is a comfortable pair of walking shoes that fit well and give you good support and balance.

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