Having “The Talk” About Dementia and Driving

Having “The Talk” About Dementia and Driving

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, his or her personal safety becomes a top priority for family members. And according to the Family Caregiver Alliance, “One of the greatest concerns that families and caregivers face is whether or not that person should drive.” 

Tips for Celebrating Milestones and Encouraging Independence

The Importance of Celebrating Life’s Milestones and Independence

Moving a loved one into a senior living community isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s a big step to recognize professional care is required – one that may be accompanied by a somber feeling. This admission might also emphasize that your loved one is getting older and make it feel like they’re giving up their independence. While the move will probably generate bittersweet feelings, there are ways to focus on the happier and positive aspects by celebrating milestones. 

Making a Positive Transition to Long-Term Care

Stacey Houseknecht, Director of Quality of Life at Saunders House in Wynnewood, PA, says, “Most of us don’t like major changes or disruptions in our lives, no matter what our age. However, as we age we seem more inclined to cling to things that are familiar and comfortable, including our homes, possessions and daily routines.

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